About Zahm & Nagel

Zahm & Nagel is a family-owned business which was established in 1908 in Buffalo, New York, by members of the Zahm & Nagel families. In 1954, after many years of successful production and sales of carbonating and quality control equipment for the beverage industry, the original company was sold to the Koch family. The Koch family has continued the Zahm & Nagel tradition of producing high quality products in the food and beverage industry.

Over the years the company has evolved and expanded its product line. Currently Zahm & Nagel equipment is in use in breweries and bottling plants in over 90 countries around the world.

For an in-depth look at the full history of Zahm & Nagel, from the early 1900’s to the present, click here.

Zahm & Nagel Products

Zahm & Nagel offers a full range of 100% American-made products for the brewing and soda industries. We are dedicated to carbonating and quality control equipment. Our high quality, hand-crafted products have set the industry standard.

Testing Instruments

Zahm and Nagel testing instruments are being used primarily to test air and C02 content. In items such as cans and bottles of carbonated beverages, to test C02 in brewing tanks, and to test the purity of C02 sources. All major American breweries and soft drink plants find these instruments indispensable to ensure the production of a quality product. Microbreweries are merely the latest customers to discover the advantage of using Zahm and Nagel instruments.

Our quality control equipment is lightweight, durable, extremely accurate, as well as easy to operate and maintain. For a relatively small initial investment, customers are assured of receiving a high quality product. This enables them, in turn, to produce a high quality beer, carbonated soft drink, or sparkling wine.

In addition to our line of air and C02 testers, we produce a state of the art pilot plant. Research laboratories at universities and large food and flavor companies have long been aware of the advantage of using our small 5 or 10-gallon pilot plant for the carbonation, bottling, and batch testing of almost any carbonated beverage. Modern filtration methods insure maximum product clarity and uniformity.

Carbonating Equipment

The other major product lines sold by Zahm and Nagel Co., carbonating stones and related carbonating equipment, have been used in the brewing industry for over 80 years. Our standard 2″ x 10″ ceramic carbonating stone gives unexcelled performance in producing finely carbonated beer.

Our company philosophy is to do our best to meet the needs of our customers. Because of this, we have begun producing a smaller diameter stainless steel stone. This new product is used by many microbreweries to achieve the same consistent results, but in smaller vessels. Since microbreweries do not have to face the difficulties involved in the storage of the beer, we could produce a less expensive carbonating stone for smaller breweries which better meets their needs. This dedication to meeting the needs of our customers is reflected in our willingness to custom design our carbonating equipment as much as possible to meet the specific requirements of every customer who contacts us.

Our dedication to our customers and product quality has resulted in a long and profitable history for Zahm & Nagel. Since we are a small company, we can respond to your requests with the personal attention you deserve. We treat the requests of individuals who are struggling to open their first microbrewery with the same consideration and concern as the requests of corporate giants with breweries all over the world.